A yellow sign in front of a street reads "dead end."
A dead end street. Photo courtesy of Randy Laybourne/Unsplash.

When you think of a dead end

You think of a one way street

But how can I sleep comfortably 

Knowing my homeless can’t eat?


I think it’s very rude

For a shelter to serve spoiled food

It can make your breath smell bad of pyorrhea

Or flood your stomach with a bad case of diarrhea


A lady lies in the street under blankets with panties on 

And the government can’t even replace our water pumps or SaniJohns.

We can try to help all we want: protesting, cussing, and fussing 

But Mayor Bowser, where is our homeless budget going?


I could utilize that budget better in my sleep 

Because of Corona, my babies got blisters on their feet 

Medicaid – change it now to Carefirst 

Pweezy loves the homeless and I’m going to keep my babies first. 


I even seen worms in some of their stool 

Where did you house my babies after the K Street removals?

Now can we get a solution to these tents?

Mayor, please, deliver us from this unjustifiable end.

Laticia Brock is an artist and vendor with Street Sense.