Valentine’s Day is sad for some people who are missing their loved ones. Much love to my father and my sister-in-law, who both departed in the month of February, Dad on the 20th in 2016, and Tracey on the 15th last year. Two angels missed and gone away.

It has been very hard not waking up and talking to them each day. Smiling and laughing with them, sharing their sorrow, pain, and heartache. They felt their sadness and pain each day. Sometimes their laughter covered up the inner pain they felt. My Dad suffered from colon cancer and he was in A LOT of pain.

My sister-in-law was on dialysis. She had a needle in her arm that could not be removed because each time she would go to dialysis they would draw blood from her. One time she was in so much pain at home due to the needle stuck down in her arm since early 2000 that she took the needle out while she was in the shower. When she did this she bled to death. When the paramedics arrived she collapsed on the floor, lost consciousness, and died. My brother took it so hard, the loss of his wife brought tears from his eyes as well as our family’s. And he spent his last day with her on Valentine’s Day, the last time he ever saw her. He is dealing with a lot of hurt and pain. For my mom, his first loss does hurt. After 6 years, the pain is still there. Each and every day, day by day, night by night, teardrops fall. My family misses both of these two angels. Thank you for all the prayers and support for us. They are in their final resting place in Heaven, with no more pain. They are missed. Happy Valentine’s day. This is a sad one for us, but we know they are not suffering anymore.

Songs for love, remembrance, and reunion in eternal life

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Playlist: Songs for love, remembrance, and reunion in eternal life