Christmas means a lot to me: giving and receiving gifts and giving thanks to the all mighty God. Jesus was born on Christmas Day, and so we celebrate the birth of his love, his grace, and his joy to the world.

His parents Mary and Joseph brought a new special baby into the world. A miracle baby, with the power to heal anyone and fix any situation. Born on December 25th, in a manger, full of love. Born the newborn king.

I, too, was born on Christmas, the only baby in the hospital ribbon and bow. My eyes sparkled, a special angel who also loves the world and helps in any situation. What a special gift to be born on Christmas Day. My parents had a wonderful Christmas present. They carried me home through a lot of snow.

Christmas is the joy of sharing love all over the world. Opening gifts and showing love to those in need. Imagine a special Christmas dinner of honey ham, collard greens, potato salad, sweet potatoes, rolls, and favorite drinks.

Merry Christmas!