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Donald Trump is a diamond in the rough. He’s something special. He may be a pig, but he’s my pig. And I’m going to ride this one to the inaugural ball. Occasionally, pigs become so filthy that they’re tough to clean up. But it’s time for Trump lovers to turn this pig into Miss Piggy.

Wisconsin was an occasion where the pig accidently wandered into the slaughterhouse.

When I saw Trump go on the Clinton News Network (CNN) and the pro-abortion channel (MSNBC) to do interviews with Anderson Cooper and Chris Matthews, all kinds of emotions befell me. I thought my pig was ready to be made into sausage.

I was depressed and despondent. The Trump haters were in full force, riding me, mocking me calling me an Uncle Tom, a coon and an embarrassment to my race. I don’t care, I’m doubling my bet Trump will win in a landslide.

Although this may be our darkest hour, it’s imperative for his supporters to clean this pig up, give him a makeover and make him more presidential.

Although Trump resonates with hillbillies and white trash, there are many African Americans and Latinos who are going to vote for him. For the love of God Mr. Trump, you’re winning! You don’t need to do interviews with CNN or MSNBC. Stay on friendly terrain such as Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly or Morning Joe. You can come on my podcast for favorable press.

The positive is, he wasn’t fried like bacon and he’s alive to fight another day. Ted Cruz looks like a fish out of water in the Bronx. We gave this Texas twibtard a New York welcome. The Northeast corridor has Trump’s back and if anybody says something negative they will get a beatdown New York style. This is Trump country and the GOP will be put on notice. There will be no delegate chicanery with Trump and his supporters!

The media and the establishment hate Trump and his supporters for one reason, we are a threat to the status quo. They know if he gets elected, politics as usual is over. The Beltway cartel should treat the Trump phenomenon like a raw egg. It might be tough to swallow but once you swallow it you’ll have plenty of nourishment.

If Trump is a pig then the Clintons are sowbellies. They can’t attack Trump when they fed from his trough. Trump is standing on the side of the American worker, while the Clintons sold them out with NAFTA. Hillary wasn’t a great Secretary of State, she was responsible for overthrowing Mubarak in Egypt and Qaddafi in Libya and destabilizing the region, giving rise to ISIS and creating a humanitarian crisis in Syria. She is so bad as a candidate, she’s struggling to defeat a socialist because the public knows there is no difference between being a liberal and a socialist.

Democrats cannot win elections unless they scare women and minorities. My advice to Donald J. Trump: stay away from hot button topics such as gay marriage and abortion, this is home turf for Democrats. They run this play like a Stephen Curry pick and roll. It allows them to feel morally superior, and anything you say will be unsatisfactory. They will twist it, take it out of context and brand you as a right-wing homophobe. Don’t take the bait.

This is a call to arms for those who want our pig, Trump, sitting at the table and being our nominee. We need to intervene, clean him up and make him more palatable to the American public by election time.

America isn’t great anymore, and only you, Donald J. Trump, can make America great again.

Just please shut up and you will win in a landslide.