Street signs saying 14th Street NW and T Street NW
Dan Galloway

On Aug. 24 I was selling my Street Sense paper outside of a restaurant on 14th Street NW. It was a slow day, so I stepped off to go to Martha’s Table to find some decent clothes.
When I returned to the location, I noticed there was a detective in front of the business. I spoke to her politely and she conversed with me as if everything was fine. If anything, I would assume me selling a homeless newspaper would show that I am an honest man willing to work and do things the right way. After talking for a couple minutes, she went inside the establishment.
However, no less than five minutes later, the detective came back out and told me that I am not allowed to sell my paper there and that I had to leave the area.
Now, I have been selling my paper at this location for months with no issues whatsoever. So, I kindly showed her my Street Sense vendor badge to inform her of my situation and why I was there. That’s when the mood really changed.
The officer told me in an extremely aggressive voice that she didn’t care why I was there and that I had to leave immediately. In my mind, I knew she was wrong. But instead of protesting, I walked away. She never informed me of why I had to leave.
Later that evening, I returned to the restaurant to speak to the manager and was told they had no knowledge of the incident. At this point, I don’t feel comfortable selling my paper there and still cannot figure out why the officer would harass me for no reason.