Photo courtesy of the White House, via Wikimedia Commons

Could this be your eviction letter, Trump?
Should all Americans expect to die, Trump?
Could this be the last goodbye, Trump?

Trump, the president,
I know that he got impeached
Trump, I ain’t vote for Donald or Hillary

I’mma respect you, Trump
‘Cause I’m a man
It’s hard on a confusing land.

Do what you gotta do to protect this country, Trump
We can’t let no one take this freedom from me, Trump
I want all Americans to close their eyes, Trump
Now open your eyes and realize, Trump

Can’t blame the president for everything, Trump
When we know freedom, it means everything, Trump
Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman, Trump
Freedom fighters, don’t say they wasn’t, Trump

Do what you gotta do to protect the border, Trump
Just don’t separate mothers from their daughters, Trump
They say you started another war, Trump
They say your government don’t even know what for, Trump

Why they hatin’ on you and Kanye West, Trump?
Fake news can be the best, Trump
Pelosi, she still don’t like you, Trump
Bill Clinton still want to fight you, Trump.
Barack Obama thinks that you’re a joke, Trump
Because you tried to take away his smoke, Trump

Trump, who will he piss off next?
I know it’s hard not to play chess, Trump
In a world full of hecklers, Trump
Now we don’t play chess
We play Chinese checkers