Charles Davis flashing double peace signs.
2011 Photo by Ken Martin, Volunteer

For my brother, my friend. It’s so mind-blowing how many more people seem to take notice when someone is dead. I guess that’s the way of the world.

I have experienced many years of homelessness and want to meet and know as many positive people like Charles as I can. We went through some serious times together. Shit, we were so close to death so many times that I started calling him “Nine Lives.”

Being homeless is dangerous. Not just the elements. There can be territory issues on the street. My friend Charles was stabbed while he was asleep. His head was opened up so bad a doctor even thought he had been shot.

One customer who came to Charles’s funeral told me his eyes have been opened to a lot of things, thanks to knowing Charles. I could tell this man has never acted like he is better than another.

Though he had to lay in the streets and alleyways and may not have known where his next meal was coming from, brother Charles always put God first. He always told people about Jesus, even when we didn’t know how we were going to survive through the cold night. So, I know God’s got him now: Charles is warm, and his stomach is full. I miss you, my friend.

Andre BrinsonArtist/Vendor


All my friends are dying on the streets of Washington, D.C.

Christopher Gross, Derick Jackson, Freddy Showtime, Fingers Jr. and now Charles.

These guys I met out in the street. These guys that I used to hang out with out here was real to me.

Joe Jackson, Artist/Vendor


I live near Tenleytown.  I bought Street Sense from Charles.  He had a beautiful smile.  He taught me how to shake hands.  I loved reading his columns in Street Sense.  I think he was a saintly man.  I know he’s up in heaven now enjoying his reunion with his family and with Our Lord, and keeping an eye on the rest of us down here.

May God bless him and through and with Charles’s intercession may God bless us, too!

—Barbara Busch, Reader/Customer

Charles Davis flashes a peace sign while wearing an Obama hat.

2017 Photo by Levester Green, Artist/Vendor