That evening was very sad, cold, and lonely. Even the night was very cold. This morning, Bridgette heard a lot of heavenly birds singing so beautifully all day, letting us know the angels have arrived to take him home to his resting place. Sadness and tears filled our eyes. He is no longer here in the bed. My dad was receiving meals from Hops Care everyday. My ma and sister would always get hot meals. No more Hops Care, no more food delivery, no more looking at T.V., the football, basketball, and football games, his favorite Redskins team, and his news everyday. No more listening to the radio, sitting on the porch with ma, or reading his paper.

My father is speaking from heaven about his joy, peace, and happiness. Dad, I miss you. I miss you, ma, and Bridgette going to the store together. Everybody knows your joyful face on K Street N.W. You gave love to the homeless. When you went to pick up your medicine at CVS you were greeted by a lot of friendly Happy faces. You will always be with mom in peace, holding her hand as an angel with a soft touch. Mom, dad is near you, smiling so joyfully. The last look at the funeral home was his last smile to you. Mom showed him the valentine’s card. He never got a chance to see it. He smiled at you, me, and Bridgette from the casket as he laid in the funeral home. We viewed dad before everyone else could see him. He looked very nice for the public view. He smiled at mom saying, “Thank you” as the card with a shimmering moon glow and beautiful blue glitter, a touch of love. “I smiled to say thank you for your love and concern. Thank you for coming. Thank you for picking up my brown suit, shirt, and tie. I am still holding your hand as I rest in peace. I wish I didn’t have to leave you, but I do. God has called me home to come to his mansion. I was tired and sick”