Image of a police car
Police Car. Photo courtesy of Max Pixel.

PREVIOUSLY: When we were last with Gerald in his hometown of New Orleans, he was on the streets running with his new friend Minew, and police officer McNeill, who was tough but fair, had taken notice... 

McNeill told a few guys, big dope dealers, “when I get ya, I’m gonna get you right.” I never forget the day he got Juan Flower.  

Yeah, Juan Flower wind up with 190 years in the penitentiary for messing with this dude, Rev. Rev like a preacher. Rev was the big man.  

Rev was a good guy, but Juan was running for him. Really he was running for the high, cause Rev was making all the money. 

McNeill come to Juan Flower and told him. He say, “I’m gonna give you a heads up on it. You know we got you on surveillance.” Mean they wachin’ him.  

“We know who you dealin’ from. I hope you know what you just got. It’s any day when they drop the warning to come get you.” 

It was a Thursday or Friday back in the back of the projects. In the Calliou, it’s like you shopping in the Mall back there on Friday. Everybody moving. Dope moving. The hookers moving. It’s like the whole project begin to sell. 

So, they dropped it, they must have dropped it. They come and got him. He tried to run. 

He had sold a lot of narcotics to undercover police. But he never did know that they had an indictment and a warrant out for him. He never did know. They had about 37 counts of distribution of heroin to a police officer, but he didn’t know.  

But the Feds already know when they come for him. I seen him that morning when they snatched the dude up. I’m like, “Damn, he got hit hard.” 

But matter of fact, McNeill told him, “It’s the same bullshit I told you over 10 days ago. So you couldn’t run from it.” 

After they had they case, Juan Flower got 190 years. The girl that was with him got a life sentence. Rev got life. 

Everybody got tied down. I don’t know the day that they home, or what’s the situation, but I know that’s a lotta time.  

So my man Minew, I told him, “Man, you gotta watch the Feds.” 

He say, “We know who they after.” 

After that, Minew was kicking the bobo to me about this dude. 

“Man, I don’t know if you know Clayton, Sam Clayton.” 

To be continued.