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When we were last with Gerald in his hometown of New Orleans, he was on the streets again, kickin’ it with his new friend Minew who was telling him about an opportunity with Sam Clayton… 

 Sam Clayton was the biggest man in New Orleans. The Clayton Family.  

He just Skully. That’s what they really call him, Sam Skully. 

Sam Skully a big old weight in New Orleans. They big shots. I’m talking about they heavyweight boys.  

Minew was kicking it to me about Sam Skully came to him talking about, “Man, I want you to get on my team,” blah, blah, blah, blah. 

I’m like, “Man, s***. I’m getting on that n****’ team too. I’m tryna get some work in too.” 

Sam Skully already heard how we pulled them triggers. And when dope boys hear that you pull triggers, that you moving around, you got some shuffle on your feet, they gonna gab you on they team cause they scared of you. That’s where the pressure come in at.   

You don’t really even want nobody scared of you. But when you out there, you can’t trust nobody. 

It’s like, we used to be in a house, we call it a lab house. A lab house is where all the dope fiends meet up at, everybody shoots, everybody has some dope you want me to test.  

Every killer up in that house, what I mean killer — every gun man up in that house got a gun.  

When we used to get high, everybody up their gun. Up, up, up it. Pull it out. Everybody up it. 

But don’t put it on you. That’s how the druuuug be having you feeling. He might go hit me. Because every dope dealer have a hit on one of us in that house.  

But we call it the lab house, see, all the killers meet. But it ain’t like I’m killing you. I don’t know what you hiding.  

But I can get close to you. We all knowin’ each other — we all killers.  

He might come in here with $50,000. And he might come in here with $40,000. But you the only one can touch me. Cause you coming in the lab house. Cause most us shoot dope. 

So I’m telling Minew, I said, “Man, s***, what’cha wanna do?” 

He say, “Man, I’m gonna get you on.” 

So, we went to work for Skully selling powder, getting money for him and ***t. 

To be continued. Anderson’s first book, “Still Standing: How an Ex-Con Found Salvation in the Floodwaters of Katrina,” is available on