Photo of buildings in New Orleans

When we were last with Gerald he had just gotten out of a brief stint in jail to learn that his old crew, including his best friend Greg, were being hunted down by the police in New Orleans for a string of robberies in some of the richest neighborhoods in the cities 

You can hear the sheriff, Harry Lee.  

He was a Connick. Connick was a big family in New Orleans. Like the instrument player, Harry Connick, Jr.  

Harry Lee was a dirty son of a gun, a hypocrite. He was on the news every day saying, “They not going to see the street, we get our hands on ‘em.”  

I’m like, “D***, man, they gonna take my man down like that.” 

I come to find out they want to indict them. Snatching ‘em up off the street—come to your house, come to his house.  

The tables started turning. The rats started coming out. My man, Mazio Davis, he was like 18. I’m like, “Man… D***, they got the young n*****.” 

I see the news, I see the young boy, they go get him. They got him. They picking up this one, they picking up that one.  

Every day you watch the news. The news going to tell you what’s going on, but you gotta read through it. “After we got him, we got him.” 

So then when I seen my man Greg—“Gregory Valerie wanted for 100 counts of armed robbery”— I said, “D***.” 

He still out there fighting the charge and shit. I was praying for him, but ain’t no mercy. Harry Lee was making sure of that.  

After a while the thing gets settled—who took this, one got knifed. Mazio Davis was the youngest one and he got 198 years. Young boy.  

I’m like, “Damn, 198… Godd***”.  

Then my man, Greg, I heard he caught about 75. 

Marlin. I heard he got life.  

To be continued.