A yellow diamond shaped road sign with the word "slow" on it in black lettering. The sign also has a black border.
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

For five years I’ve lived in one of the city’s most dangerous intersections: 11th Street, L Street, and Massachusetts Ave. NW. No matter what time of day, a car accident happens daily.  

 The Ward 2 MPD, the Fire Department, and the Department of Transportation are all aware of how scary and frightening these streets are. I’m quite sure they are also aware of the constant car accidents and collisions. 

 I am writing because many panhandlers in wheelchairs sit right in the middle of the intersection. It’s just a matter of time before a driver kills one. 

Is that what it will takes for the city to make these streets safer? Must either a homeless person or a driver be killed before someone with the authority to change this situation does so?  

I truly, fervently, hope not.