Illustration by Ibn Hipps

We can rise and go forward

By Brianna Butler

We can rise if you look upon the high hills and see from where your help cometh. You should wake up with a smile and a positive mind-set that everything will be alright. You must put in some work by means of looking for good things out in the world like people doing good deeds. Go looking for jobs and something you love to do so you can have a better life.

One solution to homelessness is to get free schooling for career opportunities. We also need higher-paying jobs so the formerly homeless people can pay their rent and their utilities and buy groceries. We need more effective housing programs so childless low-income people can qualify as easily as those with children. 


By Reginald Black

Illustration by Vincent Watts

to get up from sleep.
to take up arms,
and respond warmly.
to ascend. 
appear above the horizon.
to move upward.
a higher level.
to come into being.
a state of being
higher than the upward movement.
the beginning, origin
the elevation of the distance.  
how we together
can get up from sleep, 
and respond warmly. 
Together, we
can appear above the horizon. 



My gift

By Queenie Featherstone

I know my skill. 

I’m so thrilled 
My talent brings me money. 
Can I survive?    

Or can’t I? 
With my skill 
No time to chill. 
I’m trying to rise. 

Illustration by Daniel Ball