A thought before I go. I love my brother and sister in faith. I give all praise to the Lord who put us down in this place.
Another day of asking why, if you are truthful, why you would want to die.
So many of us get caught in the lie, something new to get us high.
If only the images in my mind, your face, the thought of you could leave me for all times.
So much to live for, the test is finding out why. Today, tomorrow should we live as though we are going to die?
I ask those questions, not knowing why so many of us choose not to live but to die.
For why death will surely come our way it’s said it’s written in a clear book with time and date.
With only one thing to determine if our life has any weight. Have we shown much love or been the bearer of hate.
Bring to mind the word of a song what’s love got to do with it, when you’re dead and gone.
In these days of no good reason why a world in turmoil everyday day new tears to cry.
So many lives lost, a child who never thought this is the day I’ll die; another day of mother’s asking why to live on until the call comes to all, shall leave the body behind, with the Lord your soul and mine. For how can one love when one fears the day for someone? For what is right there is always what is wrong. Another soul gone to the sad song of suicide. Why did the racism of self-hate, take another life. Will blacks and whites ever get it right? So many live and wait for the Lord to take all the life and tell us why this will be your new life.