Some people I’ve made time for recently, because they matter.

Have you ever met someone that is content with working seven days a week or a whole lot of overtime, or double shifts? All they do is work and sleep! They have a nice home, clothes, cars, etc., but they never get to enjoy any of it. They never get to enjoy life.

What is the point of working like that for years and years if one day you wake up and realize your life has passed you by? Don’t you ever want to see a movie, go to a fancy restaurant, be in the arms of another human being receiving love and comfort? I know sometimes extra work is necessary to obtain a goal, but working like that tells me a lot about you. Whether I’m right or wrong doesn’t matter because you’re working and you don’t have time to listen.

Oh well. See you next lifetime. If you ever take off work long enough to realize you had one and
threw it away.

Time is more valuable than money. So use it wisely on the things you love to do and stop wasting it working for others. Making the time for your loved ones is a matter of choice, of making a real decision to produce more free time for yourself.