Image of homeless man being ignored on the street by people passing by.
Storyblocks / Stockelements

Homeless folks are visible, we see them every day.
Because we’re so preoccupied, we look the other way.
You may not think we see your face or manufactured smile.
So be yourself and keep it real – buy Street Sense for a while.

Our paper is informative and interesting too,
street politics and poetry, especially for you.
I wrote this poem to wake you up, in hopes that you will see,
another Street Sense vendor homeless man like me.

We strive for independence, we want to pay our way
– when you buy a paper; you brighten up our day.
Next time you see our vendors selling “Street Sense” on the street,
first take time out to say hello, donate a special treat.

Have you forgot Katrina, it touched so many lives.
Some children lost their parents – some husbands lost their wives.
Homelessness awaits us all, the timing is unknown
a natural disaster may leave you with no home.

Stop looking down on people and help them when you can.
All of us fall short sometimes and need a helping hand.
To those who fit this profile, I hope I’ve made you see,
if you don’t have a fixed address – you’re homeless just like me.