Stefano Corso/Flickr

Those good old days of living always in awe of the Lord’s creation.

Thoughts of those who knew the truth that time teaches.

For all who believe in a heaven, for those whose good spirits, can god the flesh from the evil men do.

A hell for those who know no fear of the Lord of all the worlds.

Only passing thoughts of what messages say is the Lord’s word that will guide weak, weak flesh through to a new creation.

As we hurry, hurry through this life with time to ponder our own power of thought.

That someone thought of you and many, many me’s , all kinds of trees, the fastest downhill skis, beautiful women to fulfill all men’s needs, a seen that feeds and feeds.

An Earth that has no need only of a raindrop and when will our time stop? No more thoughts. No more dreams. Just the Lord’s light for who sees.