An picture of a D.C street

Thomas Maslin was more than a customer, when he bought my Street Sense paper at Eastern Market. He became my friend. He has a wife named Abigail, and a two-year-old son named Jack. I pray for the Maslin family everyday. Last August, after attending a Washington Nationals game, and leaving a restaurant, Thomas Maslin was hit in the head with a an aluminum bat and robbed of his keys, iPhone, and bank card. For days, he stayed in a coma, and had to have several brain surgeries. He will never be the same person again who I met at Eastern Market. On July 2nd, twenty three year old Tommy
Branch was sentenced to 28 years in pris- on for what he did to my friend. Another man, 18-year-old
Michael Moore pleaded guilty of taking part in the attack and a third, Sunny Kuti, 17, is awaiting trial. I’ve meet so many good people at Eastern Market, and downtown at 11th and F St. NW. Mr. Maslin’s neurosurgeon said that Mr. Maslin will never fully recover. I’m just so happy that justice is being served. My hearts and prayers will always go out to Thomas Maslin, and his family.