Say their names BLM sign
Photo courtesy of Felton Davis / Flickr.

The signs of the time, 1619.

COVID-19 400 years and the Devil ain’t never lied. I feel I saw the stare of them evil eyes, looking down on George Floyd suffocating his life line. Once again the Devil ain’t never lied about the evil doings of Mankind. Our humanity’s trying to find a more perfect union, in what seems to be the worst of times. 

Say their names! Why Rodney King ask can we all just get along? 2020 we sing a sad song? This world will never be the same. The number 10 some say was pregnant you see and gave birth to a new world order. 

No Justice, No Peace. What is it in life we truly seek? Internally we all seek the same Lord. George Floyds remember their mother with their last breath of air to breathe. 

Life is funny. You see how everything can change with a breath of fresh air, from the first cry of new life to the last breath of air. 

We breathe to say their names, it brings on sadness and tears and feelings of rage and pain. Yes, Black Lives Matter. White Babys’ and Black Babys Lives Matter, too. 

This time the revolution will be televised.