Woman standing at grave with hands in pockets

 Her legacy lives on in my heart, her family and the Street Sense Media family. Roberta Bear, my Bobby, took care of people with mental health issues and was an active supporter of helping the homeless. She worked for St. John’s group homes and meant so much to so many people. I miss her every day, and it’s a struggle every time the 24th of November comes around. 

 The flame will always burn for our love.  

 Tell your loved ones how much you love them while they are living, because when they’re gone, there’s so much left unsaid. Grieving is a part of life, but accepting it is the hardest thing.Your level of coping skills are put to the test. 

 The bright side is those priceless moments you play over and over in your mind. At times, I get emotional and cry, and cry. It happens at the worst of inopportune times, like on a crowded train or bus, and there I am crying like a baby. 

 Thank God for the nurturing love from all of you. It means the world to me. 

 I bought Roberta the headstone I wanted for her and am getting close to having saved up for the install price.