I recently turned on my television to hear Hillary Clinton’s speech about racist Trump supporters. While she classifies me as a bigot, my heart goes out to her. She sounds cranky and miserable. She can’t stop coughing, nor can she consistently jog her memory. For her to label Trump supporters as conspiracy theorists spreading paranoia is a red flag, she doesn’t have the stamina to be commander in chief. Is it a conspiracy to say that the Clintons are crooked to the core? Don’t take this from Breitbart or Alex Jones, listen to Jill Stein, Edward Snowden or Julian Assange. Hillary may be the most corrupt person ever to run for the Oval Office.

Maya Angelou once said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” I believe Hillary supporters have a demon in them. They are full of venom and hatred. I’ve been harassed — I’ve received death threats! It’s a waste of time reasoning with them because they have an agenda. They are not interested in preserving America, they want to destroy it, because they believe America is the “Great Satan.” You can’t reason with people who believe that our “Founding Fathers” were a bunch of white men who raped women and slaves.

Make no mistake: when people smear you, that’s because they fear you. To the Trump supporters, take it as a badge of courage when people attack you because you are bringing them to their knees. Jesus was persecuted not for lying, but for telling the truth. Don’t listen to the propaganda. They are afraid of Trump because he is taking on the old order that many in Washington want to preserve.

I had no intentions of voting for Donald Trump. What steered me toward him was the arrogant attitude of liberal granolacrats. There’s something about Black men who refuse to drink the Kool-Aid of progressivism that makes liberals go mad. One lady said she won’t buy papers  from me anymore because she disagrees with me. That’s absurd! Liberals would rather live in a bubble than have someone challenge them.

And they are nervous because Donald Trump is making headway in the Black community. Hillary Clinton needs a huge turnout of Black voters or she will lose. So liberals are using the old tired playbook of the race card. It won’t work, because many African-Americans see that Democratic policies have not been beneficial to African-Americans.

I thought in America you were free to believe and say what you want. Liberals don’t understand that you have a right to offend people. If you don’t like what I write, there are 12 other pages to read and other opinions featured next to mine. I don’t have to agree or tolerate your ridiculous distorted worldview. I want to say “Merry Christmas.” I want Andrew Jackson on my money, not Harriet Tubman. Don’t tell me I’m a horrible person because I eat beef. If you hate America, do us a favor and leave!

If you don’t like Trump, then don’t vote for him. There is nothing in the Constitution that says African-Americans should only support Democrats. Nothing has changed with the Democratic Party. They still see you as their property. When you get off the plantation and think for yourself, they try to intimidate you with names and insults. Today’s Democratic Party is no longer the party of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy. It’s not even the party of Mario Cuomo and Marion Berry. The inmates are running the asylum. They’re not interested in justice and equality, they want power and control.

Blacks, Whites, Latinos and Muslims. We love us some Donald Trump. Trying to paint Trump supporters as racists will backfire. The politics of smear will not work. Democrats’ policies have not worked, and The Mother of All Backlashes will happen November 8.

Those who live in the Beltway, you better get the scales off your eyes and get a clue. In 60 days, you’ll be saying the name President Trump.