Mario Vercellotti

Many who read my columns ask me what has changed you, you are sounding more conservative. Others say I should quit defending rich guys..However, I don’t think I ‘ve changed. I just believe many progressives are still stuck in the Great Society mindset of sixties and aren’t interested in new outlooks.

After my recent article on the minimum wage I was particularly hurt by some of the criticism I received. Many said my article was anti-union, which was not true. I just wanted to explain that throughout history, unions and corporations have used issues around raising the minimum wage for partisan purposes, not to elevate the poor.

Despite scorn I receive for debunking ideas that I believe don’t help the poor, I challenge anyone to point out where my assumptions are wrong. I believe it is time to not be bullied or intimidated by the same left wing talking points.

I feel the media bias from the left has hijacked rational thought or commentary regarding the poor. Everything I hear is from a left wing perspective. To think unconventionally or suggest that people should fix their problems themselves instead of looking to someone else is to be rendered heartless or racist.

Truth is, I am blessed to have a forum to push back against a worldview that perceives the poor as exploited victims that cannot help themselves. What has turned me away from progressive theories is my feeling that many from the left don’t want to solve poverty, but only validate or impose their distorted views on the world.

Although I feel like a voice in the wilderness, I wish there were more black independent voices that would push back against those that claim to help us. Black independents and conservatives have been silenced by those that want to instill in the masses a compensatory mindset that has kept the poor in perpetual poverty.

The election and reelection of Barack Obama spoke volumes about race and inequality. His overwhelming victories proved that racism is not an obstacle to getting ahead in life. White people cannot be blamed if Obama’s presidency succeeds or fails. The onus is on us. We voted him in and didn’t make him accountable.

Once upon a time we needed a black leader; however, today we need a leader to lead not just black America but all America. Our problems are no longer about color but about issues that affect all races. Groups and leaders such as the Urban League, NAACP and Al Sharpton once served a purpose but today they are relics of the past. The sixties are over and it is time to move on. These groups don’t bring the races together; they set them further apart.

Another group I wish didn’t speak on my behalf are the white media types that claim to be our advocates. When I see these types I say to myself, please don’t defend me, I don’t need your guilt on my conscious.

The liberal I disagree with the most is Chris Matthews on MSNBC. Although I don’t watch MSNBC, I believe his show is a must watch. It’s a one hour show of liberal white guilt. His show is premised on the idea that anyone who doesn’t see Obama’s wisdom is a racist. His guests are usually liberal columnists such as Eugene Robinson and EJ Dionne that tantalize their viewers with conspiracy theories on Obama. Then he gives his final commentary on the sorry state of white America for not supporting Obama and then apologizes on their behalf.

The sad part is there are some that have bitten into this apple. They allow themselves to be misled by the people who claim to be their advocates.

If they really want to help the masses they would let masses speak for themselves. But the self appointed spokesmen would never let that happen. Because a man with a mind of his own is very threatening to these media celebrities that don’t speak for the masses.