The Hymn of Joy sung by Jeff Taylor

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here are at least four folks out there somewhere in the DMV who have made donations to me through the Street Sense app. I wish I knew who these people were so I could give them a proper thank you. But I guess this little note to whoever they are will have to do.

The fact that there are folks who are making a few donations here and there helps give me a little ray of hope that I’ll (we’ll) make it through these unprecedented times.

I must confess that while I do write regularly for Street Sense, (primarily political opinion pieces), I do not put a tremendous amount of energy in trying to sell papers. For whatever reason I just have yet to find good spots and a good enough pitch to develop a roster of regulars. My only regular was my therapist who felt that Street Sense is a vitally important publication. Prior to coronavirus I was able to count on selling her 10 papers a week which she would distribute as she saw fit among others who work in the social services sector.

My main gig is, (rather was, prior to the age of coronavirus), singing at various locations around the DMV, mostly at certain Metro stations. So I don’t know if my unnamed benefactors are contributing due to my writing or my music. Either way, I’m grateful beyond words for their kind generosity.

To all of you readers I thank you so much for your support and the support you are providing for other vendors as well. I look forward to seeing you all face to face once we are past this crisis.