Max Pixels

The “N-word should never be used by anyone — ever. That includes Black people like me. It is more than just a word. To some people, just seeing the N-word reminds them of someone getting hung from a tree. This word can never be used positively because it has such a negative history. You never know what it could bring up for someone.

I’m guilty of using the N-word for most of my life, on a regular basis, until one day my daughter was singing one of my songs and she asked me, “Daddy, what is N*****?”

I didn’t know what to say or what to do except to stop saying the word right then and there. Like my daughter, I was taught the N-word. But for the future generations, we need to teach words like God, Love, Life, Family, Honor.

Never N*****.

While we need to bury that word, we also need to have these conversations about doing so. What are we contributing to our future. I want it to be peace.