Mildred Hall

Someone sees all that you do, someone is watching you. The eyes of life and in death too. The two angels who accompany you, looking to see if you would believe the CIA is turning devices against you the video camera way up high the eyes in the sky the birds that fly drop a crumb and they will come…

Illustration by Levester Green

Illustration by Levester Green

the big brother your mother told you to keep an eye on. Keep track of all that you do.

You have never known the eye witness who snitched on you, someone sees all that you do, the reason you have two eyes. It’s been said the Lord sees all that you do I believe that to be true.

The devil who whispers to you in the hope to see what you do; for he knows someone is watching you, the baby girl and boy; the eyes of the world look in the mirror and you will see someone is watching you.

An illustration of two people standing in front of a tree

Illustration by Damon Smith and Dwight Harris