Michael Premo/Flickr

As we stand to bring help to human need,
The loss of many has saddened our days.

So many years have passed us by
while the long-term homeless live and die.
Being homeless has opened my heart’s
I’ve seen survival
in men’s, women’s, and children’s eyes.

There is a man I know,
a double amputee, it’s so.
Whose spirit cries out to the many souls.
I met him at my job on Christmas night
among the cold stars
and all those Christmas lights.

He talked to me about his life,
A Washingtonian who served his country
A G.W. graduate, too.
A son, a brother.
a “father father.”

He is not the only one.
So many sit all alone.
No family,
No homes.

Let us ask ourselves:
Is this right
for some to die
living a low-barrier, shelter life?

No jobs,
just stress and strife.

There are many homeless people,
dare I say I know.

One old woman
sometimes fills the thoughts of my days.
For where does she come from?

Did she go to visit her congresswoman
and get lost in downtown D.C.?
That’s the only place I’ve known her to

At some of the most amazing times
and still our eyes cry.

The Lord sets the test
for our hearts,
for all shall find
the way home
one day.

Housing is a Human Right.