Mike Licht

For too long, Washingtonians have been naive about the level of discontent in our country.  Americans are tired of the political elites that assume the masses are unrefined dupes that need experts and consultants to tell us how we are feeling is irrational and stupid.

Before Donald Trump announced his candidacy, I planned on staying home this election. I participated and voted for Barack Obama, I feel like the Democrats played me for a chump.

Thank God for Trump – he’s a blessing from heaven. I no longer feel like a marginalized voice but an active participant. When he first talked about illegal immigration, both parties tried to destroy him. It’s no secret our borders are broken, but American people can’t discuss the impact that illegal immigration has in our communities without being called nativist or xenophobic. What steered me towards Trump was watching one of his rallies, where Jamiel Shaw Sr., an African-American father, spoke powerfully about his son who was killed by an illegal immigrant. It moved me to tears. It sealed the deal for me when he begged Americans to support Trump, so we can save this country.

As an African-American, I have never voted Republican in my life but will gladly slam the lever for Trump. I was once a Democrat, but my conscious cannot align with a party that believes there is no biological difference between men and women, marijuana should be legal, abortion is a right and it’s OK to reward people based on grievances instead of hard work and personal responsibility. I feel Democrats have lost their moral compass. They have no courage or backbone. They believe letting people do whatever they want is good for society, no matter how destructive this is to people they claim to represent.

There’s this notion among wealthy liberals that you can’t criticize the oppressed and hold them accountable for their attitudes and behavior. To do so will make you a bigot or racist. However, blaming everything on slavery, oppression and racism has not helped the downtrodden, but instead created a degenerate society of absentee fathers, babies born out of wedlock, as well as a culture that glorifies false idols such as players, hustlers and pimps. Liberals programs do not lift anyone out of poverty but infantalize people into believing everything should be owned and nothing should be earned.

The Democrats will lose badly to Trump because they have no fire or passion and don’t stand for anything but materialism and consumerism. They believe the poor are poor because they don’t own brand new iPads, have access to the Internet or have La-Z-Boy chairs in their apartments. Who pays for the destruction that liberals created? It’s the hardworking and self-disciplined.

Hillary Clinton represents all that’s wrong with today’s Democratic Party. Instead of focusing on kitchen table issues, she’s feels she needs to be pandering to every interest group, promising things that can’t be delivered such as amnesty for illegal immigrants, equal pay for feminists as well as cradle-to-grave welfare for single moms and minorities. This has been the Democratic Party playbook for fifty years: Promise a lot, deliver a little and hope their base doesn’t riot before reelection.

The media continues the lie. All is wonderful while polls say people are angry. Our nation doesn’t like where this  country’s headed, and we are in rebellion mode.

Trump’s message is not just resonating with the Republican fringe. Many Democrats such as myself will vote for him. Many Democrats are tired of hearing about social liberalism while many of us are starving and don’t know where our next paychecks are coming from.

Like Ronald Reagan, Trump will shock the political establishment. Both parties think working class people are stupid and are trying to rig the election for either Clinton or Jeb Bush so they can continue their neocon, neoliberal agenda.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for waking me up. If it wasn’t for you, I would be sitting home.

Jeffrey McNeil is a Street Sense vendor.