Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Although many people view me as conservative, truth is, I’m a registered Democrat. I want to vote Democrat but I can’t. The party no longer represents that of the New Deal and Great Society. They fight for everyone’s rights except those of people that want to work and succeed in life.

I campaigned for and supported Barack Obama. Today, I feel let down, betrayed and lied to. When he ran he didn’t sound like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton; he sounded moderate and centrist. I was fooled, he was a closet radical and divisive. He has set race relations back and has been catastrophic to the Black community. I’m tired of hearing African-Americans making excuses for him. If, after eight years of having a Black president, you’re still crying about racism — shame on you.

I’ve visited many Black communities in Baltimore, Newark and Philadelphia and elsewhere. Many of these cities have more than 50 percent Black populations, yet their neighborhoods are decrepit, their schools are dysfunctional and other people rent or control the economic activity in the community. They continually blame everything on racism or slavery, And their only solution is to continue voting for the Democratic Party.

Black people are called progressives. However, they are the most conservative people on Earth. There’s no new thinking, it’s groupthink. All they want to do is protest and complain about the White man. You can’t help African-Americans because they refuse to accept reality. How can you reason with people that want to continue supporting the same people that have kept them in their poverty? They are so fixated with racism instead of merit and competency.

Although I’m still a registered Democrat, I had to leave. I’m from the working wing of the Democratic Party. I’m a sucker for a guy down on his luck, but sometimes the best way to motivate someone is to give them a kick in the but to help them help themselves. I’m for the safety net, not enablements, which have destroyed the Black community.

That’s why I support Donald J. Trump. He’s compassionate, but he’s street smart. He’s not afraid to hurt people’s feelings. This town is falling apart and we need someone to take a wrecking ball to Washington. Today, I see all these establishment types say they are entitled and have rights; let’s see what they’ll get when Trump is president.

I’m a Democrat, not a liberal. Liberals have no backbone. They run at the first sign of confrontation. If liberals can’t defend themselves, what makes you think they can defend you? How can you believe in someone who lets people shoot at you, then think you can rehabilitate them by understanding them? I don’t want to understand the roots of crime – get them off the streets and put in jail.

Liberals don’t understand the Trump supporter. We are determined.There is nothing they can say or do to rescind my support for him. Not only will I vote for Trump, I’m going first to pull the lever.

I watched the Republican National Convention. While the media says Trump is racist, what I saw was a diversity lovefest. There’s Sicilians like Chris Christie; Italians like Rudy Giuliani, Latinos For Trump as well as Muslims For Trump. I saw America’s favorite sheriff David Clarke, who brought the house down with his unwavering support for the Second Amendment and “Blue Lives Matter” speech.

Liberals say “black lives matter,” however they won’t support the one man that will enhance black lives which is Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump will get African-Americans off the dole and give them employment, so they won’t be so angry and aggrieved . They say Donald Trump is prejudiced, however Trump encourages black men not to destroy their lives by selling dope or making babies and not taking care of them. Trump says he is going to help all lives by creating jobs while undoing the horrible eight years of Barack Obama.

African-Americans are in a fight for their souls. Liberals have fostered a culture of hedonism and decadence that may be irreversible if we don’t elect Donald J. Trump. Or we can become like Greece or Venezuela. I don’t want to imagine a world where Hillary Clinton is president. America can be great, but only with the right leadership I truly believe America will appeal to its better angels and get this man in White House.

Jeffery McNeil is a regular contributor to Street Sense.