Once lived a child
who never felt true love
from whom he belonged
except from his mother
then soon that was lost

The child’s father,
rugged, abusive
a woman beater,
and a child abuser

What a life this young soul lived
tears rain his pillow
from whips of hatred
whipping at his soul

Alone at his window pane
he sings a song
fly the eagle, fly…
wishing he was that eagle

As time consumed his lonely soul
it starts to show on his face
people start to stare
as they laugh and whisper
what a dim glare

These are the truest words
I ever wrote
at school when the bell rings
it’s about Mohammad Ali

Not alone came black eyes,
busted lips, slave whips
father used to

So he’s kinda numb and cold
to whatever life blows
so toe to toe he goes
his life tumbles to a fold

He loses a wife and four kids
as the fight goes on
He felled five incarcerated

Now life laughs a giggle
no family no friends
no one to really love him

Weak soul, weary bones
he’s not done yet
he throws life some blows
he scored, but not enough to soar

Feathery wings,
fighting for a better dream
life’s gotta be better than this!
he yells and screams

Fist ball-gripped as he reminisces,
of his tumbles, flips, falls
gains and losses

These are the truest words
that I ever wrote

Through his twists and wrong turns
he noticed he lived to learn

That road says condemned,
do not turn
one arrow pointing right
and one arrow pointing left
life’s commentators yell,
“What a fight!”

Rumble in the jungle
that young man’s a true champ.

He comes in contact
with a true old friend
not minutes later, his only true friend
ashes in the wind,
life strikes again

See that old friend
when life took him
on those wrong turns
that old friend took him in

Now lost alone to fend
what a swirl, what a spin
worthless he was told
still he stands high, tippie toe.
These are the truest words I ever wrote.