The U.S. Supreme Court on a sunny day.
The U.S. Supreme Court on a sunny day. Photo courtesy of Wally Gobetz // Flickr.

“Here come dah judge” — the familiar song and adage has come true once again. The saliva-dripping politicos can’t wait to undo Roe v. Wade. Such disrespect for the court!

As a woman, let me say: What part of you does not understand that I am a human being and a whole person in America, no different from any other human being? Did you skip the part that all of us are created equal and that we hold these rights to be self evident? I am a whole person, not an organ or controlled piece of property. It’s my body, as a woman. It is my business, not yours. I am the owner, keeper and supervisor of myself, an inalienable right. Regardless of personal feelings, there is no consensus I hear or see that says the government or anyone else has the right to subjugate and criminalize any woman.

So, get out of my orb (as one of my poems says). Stop trying to impose power politics in the name of a one-sided ruling party that has sold its soul to the deal of winning by any means possible. And shoved the last court appointees down our throats. 

A number of Supreme Court sitting members were seated not for the value of their acumen, but for their political, biased religious, cultural environmental disdain for women regardless of race, color, creed and gender; sworn in to reduce women, my chosen gender, to a horrific status as chattel. There is no fairness or justice in purposeful suppression like that. We should not go along with discriminatory norms of past ignorance. Take Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s advice: wait until after a new president takes office to nominate and seat another Supreme Court justice.

No matter what: The time is now! Y’all vote!

Angie Whitehurst is an artist and vendor with Street Sense Media.