Piero Fissore

Days after there are no more lights inside,  only electric bills and wary people after dark. Seven hundred and fifty billion for all those lights and the Lord’s people are still sleeping outside at night. So we say,  “Be happy. This New Year’s Day has come! ” But for many this winter,  death will come,  and the message of Christ will not be done.  For every day the people say,  they will follow the one who was born houseless in a manger, the one whose earthly father was a carpenter – a builder of many things. The lesson that we never learn is that when many hands come together,  we can build the homes people need.  People need fairness in housing,  where it is not priced above their means. Surely we can bring the days forward when like a heavy load,  people will have the housing they need.  Housing is a human right!