John McWhirter/Flickr

So much hate and anger we have among ourselves. Each race of people has a reason for hating the next. The hate and anger comes from deep within the soul. Some of us were born with that disease of hate and some were raised to be that way.

Now for a person—woman, man or child—to overcome this hate, we must look deep into our own hearts. We must look deep into that burning fire of hatred and ask yourself “why do we feel this way? What has that person, that race or creed, what have they done to me to cause me to feel this way?” When you really look deep, deep within yourself, you’ll find there’s no reason for the anger and hatred.

So as you can see, there’s no reason for the mean looks and rude hand gestures. I am deeply hurting from all the mistakes I have made in my lifetime. It’s hard for me to inhale all the hatred and anger that some people have burning in their hearts. Pain and time can leave a person dysfunctional in the mind.

Every morning I wake up repenting for my lifelong mistakes. I like to thank The Good Lord for what good did come out of my life. I have four children and I have tried hard to be a positive force in their everyday lives. But the roads I have chosen have led me to a dead end. I am lost in the darkness of this world, and I fear my next world might be worse. As I write, my eyes rain the pain that I hold deep inside. I’d like to sincerely thank all the positive people who donate to me on the corner of 14th and I St. Your smiles and positive vibes strengthen my faith and better my life for me and my children. Thanks for the love!