Image of Pope Francis.
US Papal Visit/Flickr

I am not Catholic and I don’t plan to become a member of that faith or any other denomination. However, I do believe in a power greater than I am: My Angels. I call on them for guidance and  protection. And when I misplace something important like keys, documents, or recipes, suddenly I find what I’m looking for because My Angels helped me.

The pope is a man just like any man because he does not have the power to turn a rock into a loaf of bread. But, he is inspirational because he captures peoples’ life issues and passions: Homelessness, hunger, climate change, social injustices, and forgiving women who either have had abortions or thought about having one. I admire the pope because he preaches what the Bible says: Don’t judge what others do. That is God’s job, not the pope’s. We are all human and we all judge others, but not always loudly enough for others to hear. All pastors can learn from the pope about what to say and how to spread their messages to their congregations.

So, I hope the pope’s speeches will encourage more people to think about what he says. Rather than viewing him as a saint or just the pope, they should see him as a man preaching the right way to start helping others by being more merciful and compassionate.