Angie Whitehurst

I attended the Poor People’s Campaign June 23 mass rally on the National Mall and sung with the D.C. labor chorus, directed by Elise Bryant, the ONE DC Black workers chorus, directed by Luci Murphy and chorus members from across the country. 

Roy Barber of the Street Sense Media theater program was also working and hanging out behind the scenes.  

Many faith leaders and community organizers spoke at the rally. Rev Barber, architect of the national campaign, emphasized that all people of every religion, non-religion and -ism are included.  

Jesse Jackson, a civil rights activist and politician was there, as was Danny Glover, an actor and political activist. Our local pastor, Reverend Hagler of Plymouth church, was also on the scene. You should have seen the young people who surrounded him to take selfies. He was so kind and embracing of them all.