A photo of a crowd of woman protesting the word "REIST."
Pax Ahimsa Gethen/ Wikipedia

Accepting loss is hard for some. Liberals truly believed the presidency was their rightful inheritance. In their eyes, what happened on Nov 8, 2016, was an act of terror. Sixty-six million Americans went to the voting booths to voice their dissent. Despite bullying, threats and lost friendships, millions wanted the right to determine their destiny instead of being told what’s best for them. They voted for President Trump. His election was our second Independence Day. We the American people want our liberties and freedoms back from a ruling class that has become pompous, arrogant, and out of touch.

Donald Trump drives liberals mad because he’s not one of them. It makes them mad that President Trump and his wife Melania sleep in the sheets that were reserved for Queen Hillary.

No one suffers from this sense of entitlement more than the Fake News Media. In their zest to control the narrative, they have gone off the deep end plotting impeachment, while some, such as MSNBC guest Malcolm Nance, have suggested ISIS bomb one of President Trump’s properties. Leftists have gone guns-blazing in their quest to destroy someone elected by the people. They have taken two scalps in Michael Flynn and Bill O’Reilly, and now they’re trying to make 66 million voters rue the day they elected Trump.

if Democrats can’t be president they’re going to create as much havoc as they can. They’re not interested in dialogue and debate. I encountered leftists that resented that I wasn’t a Good Negro who supported Massa Hillary. These self-proclaimed champions of colored folks show their true selves when a Black man doesn’t shine, Jemimah or jangle.

I have a thick skin. I shouldn’t be bothered but I’m angry. I don’t like when people smile at me but lay like vipers spewing their poisonous venom. Today I realized they truly believe they didn’t lose the election. They believe Americans don’t know what’s best for them. They are professional victims and want you to lie in the sewer with them.

The concept that one ought to govern themselves rather than be controlled is trivial and tiresome to the left. They’re jealous people that hate that you are being blessed. They provoke and antagonize Trump supporters for political purposes, while never denouncing “Anti Fascist” and “resistance” groups that also stoke the fires of intolerance and hatred. While they talk about hate crimes, never once have I heard them defend the women and minorities that faced death threats and intimidation to elect President Trump.

The Democratic party won’t learn why it lost a winnable election. They have doubled down on multiculturalism and identity politics. They don’t think their ideas are wrong, they think you’re wrong for not supporting their vision of a globalist utopia. They don’t like the Bernie Sanders enthusiasts anymore than Trump supporters. Bernie’s not one of them. He didn’t go to Sidwell, Yale or Dartmouth. He doesn’t vacation in Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard like the Kennedys, Kerrys or Deans. Establishment Democrats don’t want Bernie in their party anymore than they want working class supporters because neither will surrender their guns, religion or freedom to the Deep State.

When you deal with Leftists, you have to get them to be honest, you have to expose them on what they believe. When they blather about why they should have control over their bodies, ask them why those that object should pay for their birth control. When they become self-righteous about illegal immigrants, ask them if they pay illegal workers a living wage. When they advocate allowing refugees to come to America ask them how many Muslims, live in their neighborhoods. It’s easy to be a liberal when they risk nothing.

Thank god for President Trump. He is the only thing standing between America staying a free society or being enslaved by a global cabal that thinks Americans are too stupid to rule themselves.