Vinoth Chandar/Flickr

So the great lady says she’ll do what no man has done to date. With another plan at hand, the thought is to help families, women and men. I have been around long enough to see you can wish all you want, but when it comes to public money, there are some who believe there are more important things than helping people in need. The business will never end, you see, of warehousing people. There is too much greed.

Just between you and me, I will root for the underdog, that they too will have mortar and logs. For life is a slog. I have been what they call “chronically homeless,” that’s all. Oh, but you ask, how could that be? I’m from Washington, D.C., where things are never quite how they seem, but people live and they dream of ending homelessness. How can you end what many believe will always be? Tell the truth and you’ll see. D.C. is my home, I’ve just been houseless, you see.