I’ve seen pictures of a place of peace for people similar to me

A place of rest meditation and family

A place of safety and fun

Where plants animals and humanoids are one

A place where people have their own

People similar to me of dark skin

Where learning can take place

Where I could have gone to see my face and likeness

No envy jealousy or stiffness

No evil or seeds thereof

Where I could have built a home

Lay on the grass and stare at the stars above

See the wonders of the day and night sky

Where comets and meteors wiz by

Where we could build, paint and pray

A safe space for the children to play

A place of food and friends

What happened to this place before I became an adult

Why is it not there and the people scattered all about

How will it be in the future?

The one to warn us I would like to meet you

Learn the truth and its limitless bounds

A place of peace, where can it be found?

I hear them say up there now, I ask how far? Is it a distant star?

A far off place that no one knows or a place we forgot?

The statements given are, I don’t know, but follow me.

How can I when you can’t explain it to me?

Doesn’t a question deserve or seek the answer?

Why so many questions, issues and no solution?

Why so much pollution?

Why so much war, even this room I was just in was just in a loud roar

about facts and non-facts.

A peaceful educational place, I would love that

A place to go, be, grow and learn

A place where what I yearn for and desire is at my fingertips

Not to control or subdue

Just because I do the good things I’m supposed to do

A place where I do have value

I would love a place like that, wouldn’t you?