Trey Radcliff/Flickr

As lights flash from shock and awe, Boom barrels are used more and more In man’s wars.

The darkened faces tumble into those dark, dark days.

And the reason for all this destruction, they say and they say it is to prevent a day. No one talks of the oil that will flow this way.

The beginning of a New State free of religion, to live in a Western way.Talking points for war mongers and men with no insight, merely biased views that feel just right.As we look up and down the road to tribal fights.

For surely this new world is changing when everyone will be free to smoke
weed and use Afghan heroin at night. Or is this right?

It is just a prelude to Armageddon, an end to religious fights. Who’s right,the woman and children who cry lies as the men fight a losing battle with the

Lord of Hosts to be lost in Hell with no Holy Ghost.