I know what it feels like to have made mistakes in the past. At times, I still make mistakes. I know what it’s like to be looked at like the bad guy and have people that were once in your corner now turn their back and treat you like nothing. I know what it feels like to always be there to help people in any way, shape or form, and then have them disappear like it never happened.

I know what it feels like to have money and just spend like no there’s no tomorrow, and also to have to stretch $1 just to get by. I know how it feels to be happy and on Cloud 9, and also to be as low as the ground we walk on.

Nobody is perfect and everybody is different.

Some see the error of their ways and try to change once they notice they are in the wrong. Then you have those that just don’t care and still want to be that person. Know the difference in these people. It takes a lot to recognize, accept and change the error of their ways.

Don’t bring up their past and treat them different. What’s done is done, and neither you nor that person can change it. You can only accept it and move forward to a better tomorrow.

Take your time and have patience with these people because we all require help. It’s just a matter of knowing who wants the help and resources that’s right for them to get where they need to be in life. If nobody told you today, I’m going to tell you. I LOVE YOU AND HAVE A BLESSED DAY!

Thank you for reading my beautiful customers.

Chon Gotti's artwork of a person's face, fading behind a tree

Art by Chon Gotti.