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A writer is similar to a doctor. A good doctor gives you an opinion based on the evidence. You may not like the fact that your doctor says you have stinky feet but in the end, your doctor doesn’t care how you feel, he’s telling you what the consequences will be if you don’t follow his prescription.  

Using the same evidence-based method, I write a diagnosis and fill out the prescription. I don’t lose any sleep over what I write because I do my research and I have been prophetic.  

In 2015, when Donald Trump announced his candidacy, all the experts said he’d never be president. I predicted otherwise. In August 2015 I wrote that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t measure the drapes, and in October 2016 I wrote that Trump would win 

The liberal establishment was in denial back then and they are in denial today.   

Like many committed Trumpsters, I wasn’t always on board the Trump train. I was a lifelong Democrat. I helped Jesse Jackson in ’88. I marched to free Nelson Mandela. I helped New York City’s only Black mayor, David Dinkins, get elected. And when Barack Obama won in 2008, nobody was happier than me.  

What steered me towards Trump wasn’t Trump himself. Both parties were running the same rubber stamp politicians that serve the donor class rather than the working class.  

If Trump didn’t run, we would have either had Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush and we would have continued down the path of neocon wars, corrupt lobbyists, more jobs leaving America and a sense of decline.  

As the Democrats became ideological to the point of attacking other people’s viewpoints, it became easier to support Trump.   

I didn’t need a Russian bot to tell me that Clinton wasn’t speaking to me. While Trump talked about jobs, Obamacare, immigration and getting out of endless wars, Clinton was talking about empowering women. If you are pushing that kind of identity politics, what becomes of the people who aren’t women, Hispanic or LGBTQ?  

Trump talked about making America great and liberals claimed it was racist. I began saying to myself, “If liberals don’t want to make America great, then what do they want?”   

While I loved Bill Clinton, he betrayed the working class with the North American Free Trade Agreement. Many African American men still haven’t recovered from the mass incarceration of the Clinton era and while I didn’t think the Monica Lewinsky affair was impeachable, it didn’t sit right with me that he looked the America people in the eye and lied. I didn’t like the Clinton shills defending the Clintons while virtue-signaling about women’s rights.  

I felt Hillary Clinton had a sense of entitlement. I don’t know if she committed a crime with the emails but it disturbed me that there was a set of rules for people like Clinton and another set of rules for everyone else. Trump didn’t come off that way. He’s a billionaire but he speaks the language of a regular guy.  

I believe Trump has been a very good president.  

The economy is doing well, we’re not getting into any wars, there have been no major terrorist attacks and people have hope.  

This is my opinion and my assessment.  


Jeffery McNeil is an artist and vendor with  Street Sense Media.