Last month I went to a hearing for the school board and they said, “No child shall be left behind.”

The school board said they were getting more tutors to help the kids. But I left the meeting still worried. I wasn’t convinced by the reassuring words.

Kids are our future. If they aren’t prepared for the future, how can they know what to do?

The mayor said he wanted to change the school system to help the kids and the neighborhoods. He
pointed out how kids don’t have things to do after school. It used to be that kids would go to the rec center or get a summer job. It seems like times have changed.

When I was coming up, I played sports: track, basketball, swim team. Things were more structured back then. Now, kids don’t have enough to do with their time—they just hang out. The parents have to do more to teach their kids. It comes from home first. I understand that in some homes, it’s a single parent who can’t really watch the kids all the time. It’s hard sometimes for them.


God Bless.