Credit: DonkeyHotey

The political masquerade, aka the electoral primaries before the big vote in November 2016, has mesmerized our brains, dominated our conscious mind, lead us into a state of denial and left us lost in the forest with no trees. This sounds unstable, but it isn’t. Our votes are important and the stewardship of our country is even more crucial to keeping, improving and growing a more perfect union.

Both the Republican and the Democratic parties have the same decade-old dictatorial mentality. What they missed is the fact that there is a crisis of consensus, 360 degrees, in every which way, but their two paths of choice. The voters and party-loyal rabble-rousers are discontent with business as usual. This is good, politics is good and discussion is good. It is our democracy at work and our last line of defense in the checks-and-balances system, designed in our great Constitution and form of government. We are saying we want the party leaders and candidates to get down to business, or the million-dollar TV, radio, Facebook and Twitter spin just might not have an ounce of swaying power at the ballot box.

We want to know about affordable housing, education costs, IRS reform and simplicity, health care, equal pay and higher minimum wages. And, yes the only issue on pro-choice and pro-life is the woman’s right as a human being to have children, take care of children and being able to make decisions one way or the other without government interference, regardless of race color and creed. Secondly, reform is needed in the criminal justice system. This system of controlled, contained, room and board without real rehabilitation, counseling and ongoing re-entry support services, is a waste of money, harmful to society and makes individuals more disconnected, isolated and denigrated. More importantly, there is no incentive for them to even try to do better.

The bottom line is that we the voters need to get together and make the right choice of the right person. Not voting is the ultimate cop-out, so do not complain when things degrade and stay the same. VOTE.

Angie Whitehurst is a vendor for Street Sense.