The word vote appears in blocks on a ellow background next to a green checkmark.
A photo encourages everyone to vote. Photo courtesy of Marco Verch // Flickr.

Street Sense Media vendors reflect on their plans for the 2020 election.

I plan to vote for the president of the United States. It’s very important, it’s your right in this country. I will vote in person. 

It’s going to be a close election. Hopefully there will be no tricks. May the best man win. 

I want to see this country become united. May we stand together and spread Love.

Anthony Carney, Artist/Vendor

I do plan to vote in the next election. My polling place is at the library on the D8 bus-line by the school there. 

I vote for elections with big races, like when Bernie Sanders was also a candidate for president against Donald Trump. 

It’s tough when you move around a lot to vote for mayor or governor — you have to show you live in that city or state. But you can vote for the president in every state in America.

Jemel Fleming, Artist/Vendor

Yes, I plan to vote in the upcoming election. Yes, I am registered in person. Yes, it is important. 

Anton Mitchell, Artist/Vendor