Dad and son
Amanda Tipton/Flickr

There are lots of people who live alone, and are disconnected from family. There are lots of reasons for being disconnected from the ones we love: jail, illness, confusion and the feeling of unworthiness. You should look beyond those things, because everyone wants to be loved and give love.

Family can also be friends that you grow close to.

Sometimes its an organization or a neighborhood. The important thing is that everyone gets a connection with someone they can talk to and share life with. It’s hard to be alone and harder still when you actually feel alone. It tears down your feeling of worth. I hope that everyone who reads this article understands that there are lots of people willing to connect.

Then there’s the all powerful! Yes, I am talking about Him. Through God, my prayers are answered.

It’s like when you were a child, and might have had an imaginary friend. You could summon that friend at any time. And if you think you are bad, or not worth it, or even if you think you’re are a super person that doesn’t need anyone – God is always there.

Everyone needs someone to love. God bless