Hippy monkeys partying
Barbara Pollard

They were communal and ecstatically happy. They had made it through the stresses and the successes of the past year. They were happy about the opportunity of a new year. And there was plenty of food and legal amounts of marijuana. They were dancing barefooted, wearing dashikis and jeans with holes in them – makin’ their own music and singing at the top of their lungs. One of the fell out, but the others kept dancing. It was tremendously beautiful.

They had let go of the concept that they had to be corporatized. And they really enjoyed their lives! They decided for a New Year’s resolution, they were not down wit all that. Why would you have a New Year’s resolution, when you have the solution already? Why wait for a special day or time. Resolve your stuff while it’s already upon you. And who said it’s a new year in the first place? It’s a new day every day that you wake up. They rejoiced for each moment they were alive. And you should to, because after all, there’s a little hippie in all of us. So why not rejoice and seize your pleasures as you go along in life? Happy Everyday to all of you!