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It is easier said than done for young pupils to stay focused, and reach their full potential in environments where they don’t sense love, protection, and security. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the kind of social zone our children are being indoctrinated into for most of their young lives. Many learn the opposite of what we’d hope for them: don’t stand out in school, applying yourself won’t help take you anywhere in life, you can make more friends and money doing other things outside of the classroom.

But this school insecurity is causing psychological death in the minds of our youth, which spreads farther into our communities as they grow, and infects our nation. If we continue to neglect it, we will all be doomed. Yeah, Frankenstein, encounter your monster.

Our children are the new hope of the future. They have literally inherited the blood stained banner of this world, and it is incumbent upon us to show and prove to them that we sincerely love, and respect, and WILL protect them, by any means necessary! We must end this School Insecurity Negligence (SIN).

The problem with inspiring many children to go to school, do well in school, and stay focused on their education has a lot to do with the earlier aspects of their lives. There are plenty of distractions and negative influences in our communities. Left unchecked, they will stymie many children’s development, causing personal and social self-esteem problems.

Trying to discover your rightful place on this planet is challenging for a child. Trying to go to work and put a child through school, (and maybe even off to college), is easier said than done for most parents. It is time to wake up and realize that the mission of elevating humanity is not a game. It is a moral movement! 

The solution to our youth to be mentally resurrected from this somnambulatory condition of mental darkness and ignorance that plagues our minds and getting a proper education so that they can realize their fullest potential is a (moral) unyielding decision you and I must make.

As parents in our community, everyone has a part to do. It is up to us to enforce our rights to protect our youth. It is up to you, me, and the community to attend and lead meetings. We need to develop systems that will ensure our children that they WILL be out of harm’s way if they attend (and stay in) school.

We must show them that we understand them, and that we truly care about their future. We must show and prove to them (and the world) that we truly have their backs. Please people; ask not what our youth and our community can do for you! Ask what you can get up off your davenport and do for our youth and our community.