Illustration of tiny man in a sink trying to catch a droplet of water in his hat.
David Serota

How low can you go, Mr. President? More than half of Americans disapprove of how you’re doing your job. And more and more of the black community perceives you as less and less like the great black hope.

Still, I guess you can still count on the support of many in the black community, where we see you attacked by people on the right and on the left with racist and biased views. It’s very clear to some of us that the right fights everything you try that may benefit black people and poor people. So a lot of people are really hurting now because of the fights you have been losing.

Your no-brainer of trying to give people affordable health care and better educational opportunities seems to have only benefited the rich,and they sell you out to the right every time. And when it comes down to the so-called “trickle-down effect,” the rich and their Republican friends simply shut down the spigot just to make you look bad. It seems with record gains in the stock market, lower unemployment, and all of the money lost in the Great Recession recovered, people would feel positive about you.

But it is very hard to feel that way with so much negative media coverage from Fox News and those who follow its talking points from columnists I will refrain from mentioning. Rather than offering solutions to make things better for the American people, they are trying to win the next election by instantly blaming you for everything that goes wrong with foreign policy and domestic policy.

Then there is Benghazi, where those on the right can’t begin to see how that wasn’t enough
to put Romney over the top and just won’t let it die. I guess they are good talking points to highlight your so-called foreign policy failures. The big conspiracy is that you didn’t call Benghazi “a terrorist attack on 9/11”, of all things. How dare the president say the attack came because some patriotic American was exercising his First Amendment rights to post an inflammatory video (seen as mocking Islam and the Prophet Mohammed) on the Internet on 9/11? I can see how I was misled to think it was the video.

That leads me to ask six questions: What part of the Republican Party supported releasing that video on 9/11 in the middle of a presidential election? Was it all part of a plan? With all the reports of terrorist activity, why was Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi on 9/11 in the first place? What part did the great Republican general David Petraeus play with the CIA? Was the fix in? Did the Libyians who were supposed to protect the embassy leave it because of the video they left, or were they also part of the plan?

If Republicans focused more on bringing the people who murdered four Americans to justice and less on bringing down the president, we would have more answers and accountability.

I believe most Americans just want to see you stand up to the naysayers and the doom-and-gloomers and fight more for what’s right and just.