In the aftermath of the decisive defeat of the Republican Party, party bosses are analyzing why they got swept. The more articulate conservatives, like Bill Kristol and Bobby Jindall ,have condemned those who’ve morally bankrupted conservative principles in order to get elected.

However, while the party bosses are trying to soften their message to appeal to a certain demographic, all ideas run through Grover Norquist, and demagogues like Rush Limbaugh.

When party hacks cause embarrassment or disgraced their never admonished:they end becoming consultants and lobbyist on K Street . They reinvent themselves, repackaging the same trickle down supply-side  theories for the same dupes who willingly fork over their life savings to these charlatans .

However, trying to educate and inform those who watch Fox News, read right-wing blogs and keep being misled by conspiracy theories like Benghazi can be infuriating. There’s a market for tantalizing bigotry, and selling it as information. Pundits like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly have the high ratings because being a jerk for an hour is profitable.

But we must show compassion for low information followers who listen to these demagogues. Its not their fault, the confederate mentality has been a bane on America ,so there in a state of shock.

Pollsters bloggers and pundits were smug and confident that Barack Obama was going to be out of there. So it will take some time for them to come to terms that a black man is sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom.

However, as Bill O’Reilly eloquently puts it they will become patriots not pinheads by rallying around the flag to support our Commander and Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.

While I am hopeful it looks like many in that world have not found a Damascus moment, Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity come to mind,after their humiliating loss. Instead of reflecting on why they lost, they couldn’t resist being cranky by implying that a man who won decisively bribed voters with gifts.

So much for embracing and tolerance.

But as the Gop goes through an extreme makeover. We who call ourselves Progressives  should not become fat and happy. If history is an indicator  we can look back on 2008 when Democrats had all levers of power only to be routed in 2010. That happened because the sugar high of 2008 wore off in 2010 after the realization that Obama couldn’t part the seas. This allowed plutocrats to stealthily astroturf a grassroots movement and gain control all levers of power from the states to congress.

Time will tell if this was a referendum,pushback or mandate. No matter what you may call this there is no time to gloat.

Theres still far too many powerful right-wingers who want to obstruct the president. As a people we need to identify these obstructionist and elect someone who will vote for some more stuff that irritates the plutocrats.

In the end Obama’s victory isn’t a time for complacency it’s time to get to work.