I never cared for ideologues and partisans. You can’t deal with those people. It’s all about feelings and emotion; facts don’t matter.

As someone who doesn’t affiliate with a specific political party, I’m ahead of the curve because I saw this tribal mentality while growing up in New Jersey – if you weren’t a Yankees fan, then you were a Met, so therefore you weren’t human. I saw friendly arguments about Derek Jeter or Jose Reyes descend into bar room brawls and knife fights.

Politics is similar to sports, where people become so passionate and riled up about their parties and cause that the other side becomes not wrong but evil. As in baseball, I can understand why journalists and pollsters have loyalty to certain parties, but I never understood the lunchbucket and chicken wing crowd coming to blows over Republicans and Democrats.

Many of my colleagues at Street Sense share this tribal mentality – you can’t have a fact based rational debate, with the left it’s emotion. They’re angry, but can’t base where their anger comes from; they blame Republicans for why their lives are miserable. They hate Trump because they hate Republicans. From the womb to the grave, all you ever hear about in Blue America is how awful Republicans are.

Liberals are reasonable but leftists – people that want to silence others – are extreme. Conservatives don’t wake up worrying about President Donald Trump. They may think he’s a bumbling idiot, but they don’t think he’s a threat to our republic. However, if you listen to the left, you’d think fascism has arrived in America.

What liberals fear isn’t Trump, but that he’ll actually succeed and undermine their socialist fantasies. What they hate about Trump is he’s braggadocious and boastful – he claims he had the greatest 100 days of any president in history, with the stock markets hitting all time highs and unemployment hitting all time lows. He isn’t the fascist ruler liberals told their minions. He abandoned the Trans-Pacific Partnership, plans to tighten up restrictions on travel and business in Cuba and committed to pulling out of the Paris Accord.

Unlike leftists that want high taxes or redistribution of wealth, or even liberals who teach the poor how to apply for food stamps and unemployment, conservatives teach people how to read The Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily.

For the left, everything is us versus them – it’s the oppressed vs the oppressor. To the looney left, freedom of speech is only free when you agree with liberal causes and dogma. However, they become angry, violent and unhinged when you come out for President Donald J Trump. In short, leftists have become no different than those crazy New York fans I remember; they eat their own.