So, the Mayans said that 12-21-2012 will be the End of Days. If you really knew, What would you do If today were your Last Day?
Would you party the hours away with laughs and play? Or, would you hurry to and fro Looking for loved ones you know?
Maybe you’ll stay in prayer all day and night Holding your babies tight. Would you then be able to live in heaven and hell and tell the unseen? Or would you not believe and not change a thing.
If today were our Last Day, Who would look for nightfall to sleep and to hope ‘twas all a dream when you awoke the next day? What would you do if today were your Last Day?
They say passion is good for the soul. Would you look for a priest And confess your sins away? Bow your head and pray?
Surely only the Lord of Days knows What will be your Last Day. You know what the scientists say: there are meteors in sight.
Once again, what would you do on your Last Night? Try to make love until That Day comes? If so, you’re not the only one.
Will there be another new life After the Last Day of known life? For those who believe, there is always a new life. as with a leaf, when a raindrop falls and brings forward a new Tree of Life.